Few questions for ps4 ver

is the ps4 ver the same as pc or is it behind or ahead
is this digital purchase only or is there phyiscal copy
does only ps4 copy mean i get it on steam free as well or do i have to buy it there

Hi Frepyou616 - Welcome to the forums!

I’ve answered each of your questions below.

As the PC version is still in Early Access with regular changes, we wanted to release a slightly older, more stable version of the game to console first. This version is considered its own complete game and is not considered Early Access.

… While we do not have a set list of items and features or a timeline for when items will be ported across from PC, our aim is to bring as much as we can over to Console.

  • Stranded Deep is digital only.

  • Each platform is a separate purchase, there is no cross-buy for Stranded Deep.