Feedback, game too easy, suggestions

I have some simple suggestions I feel would make the game better/ more realistic. It is too easy.

  1. Palm fronds should be needed for crafting things like walls/roofs. I mean aesthetically it looks like it uses palm, but all you need is sticks.
  2. Palm saplings should not regenerate as quickly as they do, there is basically an infinite supply.
  3. Water should take longer to make. build one water station (whatever it is called) and you never need to drink a coconut or store water again.
  4. I shouldn’t be able to survive off a few sardines a day, those things are like… 50 calories at best.
  5. Kind of wish we needed to sleep.
  6. I have millions of vehicle parts and no further use for them…
  7. (Combines with 6.) the lanterns and flashlights are infinite. I wish instead we needed to craft like a generator or something that requires fuel to keep the lights on. each generator could power X number of lights, that way you’d want to build several. Then there would be a use for so many vehicle parts.
  8. Some form of mapping is essential.
  9. Farming should take longer, both for plants to grow, and for produce to spoil on the plant.
  10. Salt should be implemented, mainly for preserving meats.

** These are just some things I would love to see in game to make it more fun and beautiful. Plants/flowers you can grow in containers or window boxes just to look pretty.
Collectable/displayable shells, shark teeth, etc.
Recipes for actual cooking, like fish soup.
More events at night like meteor showers, milky way, rare eclipse, passing satellites.
More sea life, always more sea life.

There is plenty more but these seem like they would be the easiest for the developers to implement.


I gotta say, I’m torn in the spawn time for fibrous leaves Because this game has completely ignored bark. And bark is a major source of binding fibers.

I also find that on medium difficulty, food is kind of too easy. It shouldn’t be quite as hard as real life, but upping the difficulty a tad seems in order.

Also, for water. The rain storms should be an opportunity to hydrate/collect water. Outside of storms, most of the water collected in the device should be in the morning when fog is more likely.

You can collect water during storms.

I like the idea of salt, but with the way the game currently works it’s kind of superfluous as the smoker does what you want the salt to do: Make’s meat stop spoiling.

As far as 6 I agree with the torches, but the lanterns are solar powered, so you don’t actually need to do anything to make them last forever.

I agree with a more intense skybox as there is no light pollution where we are, so technically we should be able to see the Milky Way. I’m not sure if this was some form of technical choice or an oversight.

A map would be nice. We find so many other manmade things in chests it wouldnt be farfetched to find some form of papers, and use charcoal to mark the map (or even finding a pen/pencil on a wreck).

Needing to sleep would be more realistic, but personally I sleep through almost every night anyhow. Working at night can be a pain.

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The game is too easy even on hard, except for the bosses which are ridiculous and nonsensical. They turn the game from a semi-realistic castaway experience to a fantasy game.

Collecting water is definitely too easy. In real life this kind of water still wouldn’t work. The water vapor from the leaves would just dissipate into the air. Collecting morning dew & rain and having coconuts occasionally regrow would make more sense.

Regarding mapping, the game has this weird implementation where you can’t check any map during gameplay but you can quit to the main menu and click Cartographer where you can see the whole world including your location as well as the bosses’.

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The bosses aren’t actually hard if you understand the mechanics.

I’ve seen a number of complaints about the game being too hard so i definitely wouldn’t attempt to make it even harder - not without a gradual scale/an explicitly marked “realistic mode”

I don’t doubt that some kind of strategy to defeat the bosses is necessary, but my main complain is the design and implementation of it all. The design is silly (why do I have to fight monsters to get airplane parts) and the implementation is lousy. There’s little sense of contact damage with the bosses. Often I end up going through them or they go through me. The whole thing is just meh.

Why do you have to defeat any boss to progress in any game?

It makes sense in some games, especially action/combat games, but not here.

Agree to disagree then. I think it makes sense and adds a challenge to the game. You want to escape, you have to beat the monsters.

I was very confused when I first played(I tried without the tutorial first) bc I thought we would be evaporating seawater to make fresh water, the leaf thing made no sense to me.

In Escape the Pacific you can do exactly that, not to make fresh water but to make salt that’s needed for long-term health. The catching of fresh water also makes more sense there. You collect rainwater or morning dew from last night, not like in this game where you can magically collect leaf water vapor in the middle of the day.

The leaves rott and the heat from that causes condensation in the collector.

Maybe if it was a closed system, but the way it’s open to the air, the water vapor would just dissipate into the air and no water would be collected. So it’s just fantasy loosely based on reality.

  1. Agree

2&3. On hard mode your vitals get low quicker and as a result you will have to visit multiple islands to harvest enough fibrous leaves just to keep two water stills going and even more if you’re also using them to fuel your fire.

  1. Play on hard mode :slight_smile:

  2. There is a sleep mechanic if you don’t sleep for 48hrs you become tired which stops you from sprinting and regenerating health even if your food and water levels are high enough.

  3. Yeah or have them become rarer to find.

  4. Yes, maping islands as you find them would be great

8-11. Maybe.

  1. More food options could be nice.

Adding to the list (sorry if doubling anyone else) I would like to see:

-New content (in general; craftables, tools, animals, I’d be happy for whatever, especially if consoles could get all that the PC’s get, like the more popular mods). A creation club would be cool kind of how Fallout 4 did, idk, just an idea.
-Co-op split screen
-The option to attach the compass to a stick on the raft (seriously, I have needed this for years now)
-Regrowing trees (long time for renewal is fine, like 30 days for a single stump palm, 60 for 2, etc.)
-more options for larger water collection/storage
-A fish farm option (pig farm would also be cool, with buildable fencing and gates)
-More lighting options, specifically for buildings and rafts.
-a new game plus mode where anything in your inventory would carry over after the epilogue into a new set of islands.

These are just a few ideas that I believe would expand the playability of the game without exploring all the islands and running out of resources only to be forced to restart a new game. Any other ideas?