Faster Gameplay, regrowing palms and report button

In the last days I started to test the new online multiplayer of the game and I encountered some gameplay mechanics, I would like to have improved.
At first, there is that problem with items like meat. For example, when you want to put five fish on the smoker, you have to press the E button five times instead of hold it long enough to get every item on the smoker. There is also another problem with the crafting. Maybe I am wrong and there is a way to craft, for instance, one hundred speers faster than clicking with the mouse in the quick menu. It would be nice to craft very much items at once xd
Furthermore I recognized, that there are far more storms since the last update of the game and its horrible. I do not know if it should be a nice feature, but the storms are annoying when you want to sail with your raft to another island. In addition I had two storms at “The Meg” fight and maybe it should turn the fight into a harder one, but it is also annoying xD
There was also a funny picture to see, when you caught a seagull. The image of the bird in the inventory was like a joke to me xD (no front) The pixels and the T pose were funny, but I hope that someone can fix that picture.
Sometimes my friend hit (just for fun/by mistake) against some buildings and sometimes, he destroyed the rudder, the tanning rack or the loom with one hit. If this happens, it is very annoying and you have to gather the items for the construction again except you got the items back. (Thats a nice feature btw)
It would also be nice, if there was a “Report” Button in the game, which leads you to this site! (I did not find one)
The last two points on my list are the distinction of meat and the regrowing of the palms. For the space, it is nice, that you can stack raw and cooked meat, but it is very annoying to pay attention to raw meat when you are eating cooked meat at the moment. I also understand that you collect and use everything and some items are not respawning again, but it would be nice, if there was an opportunity to regrow the palms or plant them yeah.
Thank you to everyone, who read this wall of text xD And I hope you understood everything well, because I am not an expert in english.


Just a side note: The weather, e.g. the storms, depend on the month. While I get many storms in January, there are much fewer storms and thus rain in August. That is my observation…

And yes, the month at the beginning is chosen randomly. Take a look at your watch.

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oh ok, thank you for the explanation. Nevertheless, there are too many storms. xD

Um… no. If you consider that water is scarce, then you are happy about every rain and thus storm. Also because it fills the garden beds with water and the water distillers as well. That leaves more water for me and I don’t get a sunstroke.

With storm one should not go to another island, but I do it anyway. So far nothing has happened. You just have to ride the waves right.

I would suggest implementing more storms at autumn and making them more dangerous on the sea.

I just hate it that I cannot see the sharks etc under the water during a storm/rain.

You should be able to hear when you’re in a sharks sights though.

And I know about the garden beds being filled via storms, haven’t had them do it for the water distillers though O_o

It does not help me just to hear the shark. I want to see and kill it xD

Stay in the water a bit longer, sure it’ll let you know it’s there eventually :stuck_out_tongue: