Farming plots on floor (console)

Is that even possible on console? I tried various permutations/combinations, including building a few levels high. Nothing seemed to work!

@Clare - Just wanted to solicit your comments/thoughts explicitly. Thank you!

Have you tried building on floors but not covering the area with a roof?

The development team is small and may not always be able to respond as quickly as one might expect.

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@DemonStar89 - Thank you for you response. Yes, I have tried that. I read somewhere that it may work when you try to build on floors constructed a few levels high - which did not work either. Have you gotten it to work? If so, I’d be curious to know how and/or if you could share some pics, that would be great too.

Hi sri_rav,

Sorry I missed this post when it was originally made.

It is not possible to build farming plots of floors or foundations. They are intended to be on the ground and in open air by design. I know this has been a popular request from players, along with a way to make them snap or stay level on the ground, but I believe that anyone who has been able to do so in the current versions of the game has done it via Mods/Console (on PC) or by glitching the farming plots into place (Console and PC).

Hey Clare,

I’m with other players requesting to build anything/everything on foundations/floors…
But I just had a compromise idea while reading this post…

Crude Farming Plots vs Refined Farming Plots… ??? hehe

Crude Farming Plots are what we already have, 3 types, Sticks/Planks/Metal, placed only on bare ground and don’t snap.
Refined Farming Plots are a new set of 4 types, Sticks/Planks/Metal/Clay, must have Crude Farming Plot already there in the general location next to a foundation. The build process takes materials of the type chosen and snaps/levels the existing crude plot to the nearest foundation… Final result is a better looking plot perfectly sized/squared up and level with foundations that appears made of the materials for chosen refined type regardless of what the crude type had been made of.