Farming not multiple spawning

Iv noticed since the update I have found everything is working ok apart from a few things, one is that if you switch from passive animals to normal or vice versa it either stays as passive or animals stay aggressive, and the main one for me is I tested for a while and when you farm how ever long you leave the plots you no longer reap the multiple harvest you used to, I’d be interested to see in the comments if anyone else has noticed this, as it now renders farming useless whereas multiple spawning over alot of days made it profitable?

I wouldn’t call it useless, it still gives you 1 plant per plot which, let’s face it, you’re gonna need! This is the way it used to be. To be honest, when they changed to ‘unlimited’ growth I didn’t like it because it was WAY to unrealistic, had too many plants with not enough storage/use for them, and seemed to bog my game down quite a bit with lag! I would rather see a compromise, say 4 per plot over a total of a 7 day growing cycle. That would be my hope. I’m thinking they purposely changed this for lag issues, but I could be wrong.

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Hi tonto614,

The multiple harvests coming from plants were due to an error that caused plants to duplicate over themselves in plant pots (similar happened to red container doors). Depending on how the game was saved and reloaded this could duplicate more and more plants in the same spot and unfortunately lead to errors occuring in the game, such as Lag as Doggleplex mentioned in their comment above.

With regards to changing the animals, some players reported that when they change the settings while playing, they do not change, however they have successfully changed the settings from the main menu. If you haven’t tried changing them from the main menu yet, please try this, and if the issue still persists, please let me know.

I never experienced farming before the update. I have only ever experienced farming as it is now, and tbh, it is only just barely profitable. You have to have so many yukka trees to grow one of each crop, then it’s a nuisance watering them, and then when it rains it only fills the plots up a little bit. It seems like it could use some balancing, so that there is less work involved.

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Honestly, yucca is the big reason to farm. If you try running an island with only the 3 wild yucca trees, you will get maybe 2 lashings/cloths every 48 hours while trying to keep your water stills hydrated. You double that production for the cost of maybe two leaves each per harvest, that’s still another 3 lashing/cloths’ worth of leaves that you profit.

Stacking potatoes and pipis was unrealistic and overpowered, and I get why it got nerfed; it looked like a bug, and it was confirmed to be a bug. One thing I would like back is regrowing yucca fruit though. Late game, when your crafting is maxed and you’re getting all your resources back if you need to move furniture/structures around, yucca trees are one thing that is finite and you will lose if you try to move it. Another farming fix I would make is to allow nursing of “dead” plants back to life, simply for quality of life gameplay. Can’t afford to get lost exploring an archipelago if you have to stress about being absent for longer than 4 days, which makes the game far more repetative when you have to make shorter, more frequent trips back “home”.