Error coperative online 0% creating map

I have a problem I can’t play with my friend online, it gets stuck loading the map as shown in the following image (the game has already been reinstalled more than 2 times, everything related to garbage with the game has already been deleted and it continues to do the same we can not play)
*[epic games][0.90.11][online] *

Seed randomly and exist

Hi Fuertito19,
Can you give some additional details such as specs and general location of both users please?

If you try to join or host an online game via the public matchmaking does that work?

no he is in another state and I put it private and public but he only sends us cinematics where we are going on the plane crashes we are together and after arriving at the waltz there he puts that screen and nothing loads we left it for more than 10min and it did not work In more than 5 occasions we did the same and without success, can you refund me the money?