error connect to server

I bought this game a few hours ago and I couldn’t play it with my friend because the online option gives a server error ‘‘failed to connect to the server’’ I would like to receive a solution, I have already tried to delete and reinstall the game and I have tried deleting the base files, the difference is that it works for my friend but not for me, and we are in the same country

Hi Crazy1729030,

What region are you and your friend connecting to?

I am in Europe specifically Spain


We’re not running into any issues with the Europe region from our tests (I am also in Europe).
Are you running any VPN or is there anything going on with your network that might interfere with your session?
Is it possible for you to test another access point somehow?

I don’t have any problem with my network because I can play/download files and everything is correct, I have no way to test from another access point.
but I really think that something on my network/computer is blocking access to the game’s p2p, although I can’t find what is blocking it because I have tried everything I can think of