[Epic][][Coop] Coop moving raft

Since patch in co-op non-host player can no longer move raft by right click. It is possible to operate it, just not move it by hand. Co-op host can normally interact with it.
Non-host player can move original raft (yellow dingy), shark on land, but nothing happens when trying to ‘drag’ built raft. Rudder, anchor and sail can normally be used.

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Same issue. I had this problem after update. Was not able to move raft, but could move anything else. I bult new raft and was able to move it … for two or three real days. Today I joined again to my friends game and I am no longer able to move my raft. Tried adding something to it, demolishing anchor, nothing helps.

Hi Jager, welcome to the forums and thank you for reporting this issue,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with player 2 moving a raft after the update. I’ve passed this report onto the dev team so they can investigate further.

In the meantime, can you describe the layout of the raft in question? Typically the team try to replicate the issue internally and recreating your raft as it is in your game may be useful.

Thank you