[Epic]0.90.11 Little boar spawn location issue

big island
A little wild boar appeared on the water
when the user discovers
There is a problem with falling into the sea and disappearing.

Hi Zopods127,

The boar disappears into the sea when you discover them?
Can you give a step by step process of exactly what behaviour you are seeing please?

I’ve seen that happen! However I just happened to notice a boar swimming in circles offshore. So without REPRO steps I did not report it.

A giant crab flying in the air.
This is exactly the same phenomenon.
If you get close, it will fall into the sea and disappear.

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Now my hogs are running into the air as soon as i put an arrow in them. all i can do is stand and watch it run off into the sunset about 50 feet off the ground. it only seems to happen when they are running scared. why cant they run off into the sunset when they are in attack mode :slight_smile:

I was hunting a hog and it began to move very fast in a tight circle about ten centimeters over a rock. Another one began to circle far away from me and took flight, disappearing into the sky. Pigs CAN fly!
On this island the pigs never respawned.