[Epic][0.80.01][Inventory] Null Inventory notification + loss of invertory items and levels

Palm fronds got stuck in my inventory (unable to drop them), then tried to save and got the ‘inventory null’ notification. Then when I quit the game and loaded it up again I had lost everything in my inventory. I didn’t try reinstalling the games.

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I have the same problem. On steam discussion I saw “Options.json” file change suggestion, somehow there is no folder in that name in my game files… Need help A.S.A.P

I think this happens from desync, if for example both players pick up the same item at the same time one of them gets the null item error. It wipes your inventory when you save and quit with the error, but if you stash or drop all of your other items before saving and quitting you will only lose the glitched item .

Hi Loneranger,

Normally that json is located in the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Beam Team Games\Stranded Deep\Data folder.

The team is aware of these issues and are investigating.