[Epic][0.76.01][physics] storage container in a particular spot in a ship wreck is flickering extremely fast up and down

There is a certain small cargo ship wreck type (see image), where a lot of storage containers can be found. I think it can have up to 5 containers (if all are present):

  • one container on deck at front,
  • one container on deck in the cabin.
  • three containers below deck.

If the storage container below deck in the front is present, this container almost every time has a physics engine bug. The container will flicker extremely fast up and down, roughly about the height of one container. It almost looks like there are two semi-transparent containers, but it is in fact only one which is jumping extremely fast between those two positions.

Besides this issue the container works completely normal. You can pick it up and then the bug is gone.

I assume this bug can probably be fixed by just changing the position of this container a little bit.


  • #31955765
  • no custom islands


  • Version 0.76.01, Epic, PC
    • Game Mode: DirectX 11.0
    • Fullscreen Mode: Exclusive
  • Custom graphics settings
    • every single setting set to the highest possible and every effect turned on.
    • TXAA anti aliasing.
    • 1920x1080.
    • No vsync.
    • No fixed frame rate.
  • Intel i5-8400
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
    • Game Ready driver version 461.72
  • Windows 10 Home
    • 20H2

Try to find the cargo ship wrack from the image. Make sure that the front is not buried in the sand (or a rock). And then have enough luck, that the marked container in the front below the deck is present.

The only time I did find this container not flickering around, was when there was some ground inside the ship wreck, which probably stopped the physics bug.

Here is a screenshot of the ship type. The pink circle roughly marks the position of the flickering storage container.

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot or video of the container. I will take one the next time, when I see such a container and add it to this topic.