[Epic][0.76.01][building] When you deconstruct a house part then often the progress circle is not shown

When you deconstruct a part of a house, then often in the beginning the progress circle is not shown. It might get later randomly shown. You can also force the circle to appear by pointing to a different location besides the part which you want to deconstruct. Or you can open the inventory to make the circle appear. Or the thing which you are deconstructing gets a hole through which you are pointing.


  • #31955765
  • no custom islands


  • Version 0.76.01, Epic, PC
    • Game Mode: DirectX 11.0
    • Fullscreen Mode: Exclusive
  • Custom graphics settings
    • every single setting set to the highest possible and every effect turned on.
    • TXAA anti aliasing.
    • 1920x1080.
    • No vsync.
    • No fixed frame rate.
  • Intel i5-8400
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
    • Game Ready driver version 461.72
  • Windows 10 Home
    • 20H2

Build a house with some walls and floors. Deconstruct something with an ax. Before doing this, make sure you are pointing exactly at the part and not through a hole or something similar. Don’t move the mouse while you start deconstructing.

The following screenshot was taken after about 7 seconds of continuously deconstructing a brick floor with an ax. As you can see, deconstructing is still in progress and there is no progress circle.