Does anyone know where I can get the game files for older versions?

Since downloading them through steam doesn’t work anymore does anyone know where I can get them? Specifically anything from 0.14-0.16.

Was there something better in those old versions?

I’d like to roll back to an earlier build from before the really annoying bug with the aggression settings (sets wildlife to aggressive regardless of game choice the first time you save). It ruins how I like to play the game.

Checked this. In Steam on PC you can got into game properties and select earlier beta builds to “opt in” to, but it asks for a code to let you do it. Also can’t find a way to turn off updates for the game in Steam, so guessing it’ll just force you back to the current build anyway? TBQH, v0.9x seems to have introduced a lot of non-trivial bugs.

Steam updates wouldn’t be an issue if you can switch to an earlier build. But if those builds are locked behind a code, then there’s no way to do it unless the devs give you the code.

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