Disconnection Issues

I am having a huge issues with being able to play multi-player with my friend. We are both gaming on ps5. I am the host of the server, we get loaded in fine but every 10 minutes she is getting kicked and disconnected. Both our internet is fine. We are running on US servers. Can someone tell me how to fix this??? Or if the developers are even working on a fix?? This is so aggrivating.aggravating… we don’t even want to play anymore…

Hi oOXenaOo, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue when trying to play multiplayer with your friend.

The team is investigating causes for disconnects among players. Please let me know:

  • Which US region are you using? Have you tried switching to other regions to see if that makes a difference for your connection?
  • What NAT type is listed in the network settings on both consoles?
  • If your friend hosts a server, does the disconnect issue still occur?
  • Have any of the settings been changed or are you playing on default settings?
  • Have you noticed anything in common with the disconnects other than the time? such as…
    • Actions taken in game by either player
    • Distance between players
    • The issue occurring after significant changes to the island such as looting, crafting or using a lot of items?
    • Similar real world time issues eg: disconnects occur more frequently at night / early in the day etc.

I completely understand how frustrating this issue can be for players and any extra information you can provide about your experience and gameplay setup would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team in their investigation into these disconnects.

I hear you, this game is impossible to play in the state it is in now.