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Hey everyone! I noticed there weren’t any post here so I thought I would start it off. I do my live streams to twitch, you can find me there at Desmonddark85 and the videos are uploaded to youtube under Desmond Dark Feel free to check out my stranded deep episodes, having a blast just casually playing the game. I’ve got about 3 episodes in so far.

Looking forward to any updates and as me and my wife do a lot of co op games together, if this ever gets a multiplayer option you will see a lot more videos. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this, have a great day and stay safe out there.


So I’m pretty much as amateur as they come, but I put together my first review video! As I just finished my first playthrough of this, what better game to do. Thanks for the great game and a place where we can come together and share our content with other people that enjoy the game!

Just follow the link below to the video

Stranded Deep PS4 Review (10/2020)

Thank you for sharing your review Desmonddark85 - we’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the game even with the issues you’re come across and appreciate the feedback contained therein!

I also had a really good chuckle at the ending! :joy:

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Just an opinion but maybe you could lower music volume raise your mic it becomes difficult to listen to you and not the music lol. Great video tho im subscribing.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I noticed that as well. I’ve been trying to adjust it as I go, it seems that my videos render a bit louder than they sound while I’m editing lol. Also using my old laptop right now and it wont let me use anything but the mic on it. Which I didnt realize until after I bought a headset :grin:

Yeah i can see where that could be a pain but hey keep doing videos man. Ive tryed but i fail at understanding youtube and i dont have wnything but ps4 so i gotta upload from there i do have a few videos up on my youtube just not on my gaming channel. Plus i should do more but with the issue of cap limit on ps4 to youtube its a pain.

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Yeah, I broke down and got a cheap usb capture card and splitter. My laptop is not the best, but it does give me more options to edit and stuff. I’ve just been learning as I go and to be honest it’s been half the fun if making these despite sometimes being frustrating lol. Recording to make a video isn’t bad but having to pour through streams to find clips ■■■■■ lol.

Very much so on doing clips i think i averaged 48 games before i get enough footage. Then triming and editing its alot.

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