Desktop Cartographer

Hi survivors,
I have been going on about this game for a couple of years now and my son decided to take advantage of the christmas promo and surprise me or finally shut me up. :laughing:

I started a couple of games, checked things out and decided I had to do something about these bits of paper with a scribbled map and notes on my desk.

My project was supposed to be finnished within a day, a rough cut piece of wood with bamboo kebab spikes cut to size to make a grid. My son who has not played stranded deep yet said: I am going to far for a video game. Three days later and as the project progressed in different directions i decided he was probably right. At the end of the week, yes, I am going way to far.

When I started the project I wanted a rough handmade look, no power tools, almost no measurements, hand sanded etc… there was no intention of showing this off in a video, it just came to be.
I am not trying to promote my channel or trying to make cash through adds.

Please take it for what it is and be kind, I know it’s far from perfect.

CLICK HERE for my Homemade desktop cartographer


That’s pretty cool, you did an amazing job

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Wow this is so cool!

This is such a beautiful design, everything from your handmade wrappings down to all your little objects and Wollie too of course :heart:

Can I ask you some questions about this? I’m curious as to what materials your used to create the little objects and the boss figures, and did you handpaint all of the tiles yourself too?

I also love the idea that you can rotate the board and the red tiles so everything faces north with the compass.

I’ve shared this with the team - we love seeing creative maps made by players :smiley: thank you so much for posting this! I see at the end of your video you mentioned there might be a second version? Any sneak peaks as to what you’re planning?

Oh, also, welcome to the forums! :smiley:

Hi Lothaer, and thankyou for the compliment. It looks great sat on my desk.

Hello Claire, thank you for the welcome.

I’m glad you guys liked it, maybe it will inspire others to build one with stuff lying around the house.

For the objects and boss figures I used polymere clay, pre coloured, but did paint wollies face myself.

Yes the tiles as with the (scrap plywood) board and (cigar) box are all hand painted using simple acrylics. Everything that appears metalique, kebab spikes, tile islands and compass use (humbrol, 16 and 54) modeling paints. The skulls are taken from the game, made B’n’W, and printed, painting three the same would be impossible for me, where as everything else is one of a kind and mistakes can be hidden :blush:

As for the next project, sorry I haven’t much to show yet because this time I will be thinking about what I am doing, using power tools and film as I go so that people can see the build happening. I will be aiming for a better video quality and montage. This one is a bit sloppy and blurred on the close ups.

I have a question for you. Even if know you can’t answer me!
I have read that the console version will be getting an update to be more like the PC version, if so will we get a map size update. It’s a legit question because I would rather wait and build a new cartographer based on that size and just use this one untill I have some images to work with (I wanted to give this one away if I build a new one this size). As you can imagine It’s not easy to know which direction to take.

Anyway, thanks again for the welcome and kind remarks. I forgot to mention, I am loving the game.

Hi Dayne, Thank you for going into further detail on your build - it’s been a long time since I’ve used polymer clay but I was wondering if that was indeed the case for the minis :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear you’re loving the game and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your makes - a film as you go also sounds really interesting

With regards to your question on the maps, the team have said that they want to port as much as possible from PC over to console, however they don’t have a confirmed list of features or when they will be ported over. I’d love to see the new maps on console, but unfortunately I don’t have any details on any map updates from PC coming across. I completely understand it’s not easy to know which way to go with your make and I’m sorry I don’t have any more information that could help you in making your decision :frowning:

And here I thought I was doing Great with my 12"x12" White Board…

Never worked with Clay… I have Resin Puty. (use to build resin kits) Man… I want one of these boards now, Still winter here… (yep, thats my excuse) Don’t wanna be in Garage playing with wood in Cold. XD

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Hi sera67,
the board I cut on the back porch, it took 5 minutes. Everything else was cut, made and painted on my coffee table while I was watching movies I’m the warmth of my living room. Go for it, I am sure you can come up with something even better and I would love to compare/see the results.