Deploying sea anchor of life raft

I had a cargo ship on my starter island. So adventurous me thought I’d take my life raft over there to see if I could get some goodies.

I paddled to the lower side of the ship (the side with the crane) and I dropped my sea anchor. This immediatly shot me and my life raft up into the air! I landed on the ships railing instantly causing me to have broken bones. The life raft itself got shot way out into the ocean. It did still have the sea anchor line attached but I had no way to safely retrieve it.

What probably caused this issue was that my life raft was (partially/entirely) above the cargo ship before I dropped my sea anchor.

I play on PS4, and this happened yesterday December 19th 2020. Game is up-to-date.

Hope this helps!

Hi EradicateYou,

Thank you for reporting this issue, we had another report similar to this and your details on your experience of the raft throwing your are greatly appreciated and I shall pass them onto the team.

From your details it appears that the anchor hitting something can cause this issue. In this case it was possibly the anchor hitting the ship. While I hope it doesn’t continue to impact your gameplay, please do let me know if it happens again in other locations. I believe the other report was the anchor maybe hitting coral, but as an issue with coral was fixed in the most recent update it may not occur when the anchor is dropped over shore elements anymore.

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I had same issue today, after deploying sea anchor near the shipwreck. The Life Raft disappeared and I got information that raft is far away (i was unable to localise it).

Hi Hadvar - welcome to the forums

I’m sorry to hear this has occured in your game. Can you confirm for me if you are on PS4 aswell or if you are playing on XB1?

I am playing on PC, newest steam version.

Thank you for confirming, I shall let the PC team know.

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