Deepening the gameplay

Hi there ! I normally do not post such things, but SD game gives me a lot of fun in this hard times. I really appreciate it, so I wanted to share some ideas that come to me afters spending 100+ h with SD.

Some of it might be hard to implement, other less, but ultimately it’s just ideas that could deepen gameplay.

  1. Constructing
  • Add missing types of roofs - plank roof and corrugated roof.
  • The roof structure should use palm fronds as crafting materials (in the case of actual wood - stick roof)
  • Add a possibility of building all types of structures on the foundations - e.g. farming plot, plank station
  • Add a possibility to build foundations at different height levels but in same thrust / combined with each other .
  • Larger construction configuration - more elements - sloping walls, more sloping roofs (half the height of the current wall), fences, walls, stove ?, chimney ?, ladder
  1. Environment
  • Add the ability to remove vegetation, e.g. with a machete, which is not used for crafting. So that plants do not penetrate into buildings that the player will craft.
  • Greater variety of islands - we now have practically identical islands, of similar size, which differ very little from each other. It would be useful to have several larger islands or one very large (in world / seed) to increase the value of exploration.
  • More dangers on land - dangerous animals ?, poisonous plants that must be avoided, traps (pits covered with leaves?), spiders …
  • Add caves - exploration of caves above ground and under water for resources
  • Add new types of animals - parrots, butterflies (visual only), monkeys, rats, panthers / jaguars, interactive turtles - make collectable eggs, same birds, more fish species - also poisonous (not labeled as poisonous)
  1. Gameplay
  • Online co-op… seriously this game needs it like people needs food or water…
  • Greater use of rocks - e.g. rock/stone foundations, rocks as weapons for throwing or used with sling.
  • Belt unlocking shortcuts should allow you to assign 1 item in “additional slot” to free up space in your inventory. It can only be a tool, food, waterskin etc., but not a crafting ingredient.
  • Add more animation, interactivity. For example, sitting on a chair, animation of going to sleep on a bed or entering a shelter, better animation of eating etc.
  • Add the ability to drop a few / a dozen of identical items at once, or to transfer them into the box (preferably a slider taking into account the amount of item and the amount of space in the box / equipment)
  • Add possibility to attach something to the raft and tow it behind it … e.g. another raft, a hunted shark, etc. (raft had reduced speed in such a situation)
  • Add more food diversification - meat from different animals gives a different value of satiety (regardless of the division into size - small, medium, large)
  1. Crafting/Cooking
  • Add more types of food a player can create - stew (meat, potatoes, coconut?), Scrambled eggs (half of coconut, eggs), fruit juice… etc.
  • Add a simple dishes - made from clay or a half of coconut to cook new types of food. Check previous line.
  • Add a possibility to craft basic clothes - palm leaf bands, shoes, palm leaf hats… etc.

Thanks if you take your time to read it. I hope you will find something useful in it, that will made SD even better.
And if I find something from that list in future release notes… that will be awesome.



These are all wonderful ideas!

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