Day One Questions

I’ve gone through the tutorial and have a grasp of the mechanics and processes. What I realized is I’m thinking of a new save without it now that I have a feel for everything but the spear throwing at the blacktip sharks. Those guys are skittish and dangerous, a difficult challenge as a new player. I have also realized on the first save, I’ve become an inhabitant of Easter Island. Basically, I have no way to leave without the rubber raft as my transport. And as easily tipped over as they are, I doubt I’ll make the next island. Unless…

How likely do sharks attack at night? Or even on day one? If they don’t even spawn on day one, a quick resource gathering and escape to a bigger island seems like a good strategy.

They’re always there. :shark:

I found that out. Made big rookie mistakes on my first ever save. So just opened a new save, and using the first as a training and test option.

LOL the first time I played the game, I tried to swim to the next island and got eaten by a hammerhead. Your starting island should give you enough resources to build a small raft that is much faster than the rubber survival raft and much harder to tip. You just have to use your resources wisely. I always build a water still first, and then work on a raft. Check for wrecks around your starting island as those containers are reusable and usually have nice stuff in them. They are invaluable for getting resources as they increase your carried inventory five fold. Flashlights, refined axes, rations, and oxygen bottles are solid gold. Also, hunting sharks is a great way to keep yourself in food, along with those big groupers. It also levels up your hunting fairly quick, which increases your attack damage. I am on day 100 now and my hunting needs one more level to max out. I can kill any shark except the great white with 4 refined spears. It is also a good source of leather from the hides once you make a tanning station.

I accidentally erased my training save. So I started a new one with a custom seed number. From a random number website. Well, it’s been interesting to say the least. On 27 days alive so far. Survived poison without a potion (takes three days of constant eating and drinking and not leaving the game, and sleeping as much as allowed). Scavenged 12 ships, found four crates. That’s right, four. Half the items I’ve received have been engine parts. Just found a flashlight and binoculars. Haven’t yet used a compass. Been lost a couple of times but for only half a night each time. Never been tipped. Never had a shark bite yet. Killed 3 tigers. Found an aircraft carrier but didn’t board. No shelters, only two water stills. Just found plants die, and potatoes left on the ground eventually vanish after being spoiled. Just found buoy balls on day 26. Now I have a 2x2 raft. Made a hobo stove which was a huge mistake—completely worthless cooking appliance. Used a shark repellent. It doesn’t work on the raft though. Sharks just vanish if you’re in the water, but still follow on a raft.

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