Custom Islands on Console

Hello @Clare

I’m a new console player to the game, I got the game through Playstation Plus. And am I glad I found it. I really love it, but…

I’m so disappointed that the console version just doesn’t stack up to the features of the Steam version. I see videos of people doing some cool things that clearly improve the game ie stacking and crafting options, even carry capacity. But what really upsets me more than anything is the not being able to explore these wonderful player created islands. It looks like so much fun and I feel like surely it can’t be that difficult to allow all user access even if console users couldn’t build the way PC users do.

I really hope that one day you will bring these features over to console, it’s such a shame not too.

Are there any such plans?

Many thanks

Hi Stranded_T - welcome to the forums!

I’ve moved your post to a new topic as it was off topic in the thread you posted in and is also a question others might want to see an answer to too :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear you’re enjoying Stranded Deep! The team have stated that they aim to port as much as possible from PC over to Console (this can be found in Console Version FAQ) but there isn’t a set timeline at the moment and I can’t confirm any details about specific features. The team are currently working on the next update and as soon as any information about what that will contain is made available it’ll be posted in the News and Announcements section.

More creative options for islands and the new inventory features on PC are requests I hear often from players and I’ll continue to pass that feedback onto the team on the communities behalf :slight_smile:

I agree the islands that others create would be cool to have on Ps4. I also would like to create my own. The creator on console is ok but it has many issues. But I watched a video from a PC player creating an island and WOW! Us players on console need that stuff to continue to enjoy the game. I would gladly pay for a DLC to improve my game play, as long as I stop getting crashes… fingers crossed

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Great to hear thank you. I bee more than happy If all you did was allow console players to load PC players islands.
Keep up the great work, can’t wait for the update.

Luckily I’ve had no crashes, I’m on PS5. But like you I would happily pay for DLC

Oh friend, don’t expect updates or fixes any time in the foreseeable future.

This is due to the lack of communication. Last update for consoles was ages ago.

yeah its a shame really.