Creative Mode PS4


First of all, love love love the game. I’m hoping that there will be a creative mode or dev console for players on PS4. Please tell me that something like this is in the works for PS4.

If similar games like the forest could implement it too, so we’ll see what happens

Hi Bellagirl - welcome to the forums!

The team have stated that they aim to port as much as possible from PC over to Console but unfortunately I’m unable to confirm specific features at this time. Dev tools themselves are uncommon on console games but I will pass your feedback regarding a creative mode onto the team!

If you have any other requests / suggestions please pop them in the Suggestions section as this helps us keep them all together as easy reference for the team :slight_smile:

Other games have console “cheat” mode. Take the Sims. I think they could do it if they really wanted to.

Is there no creative mode difficulty setting on console? I thought that was a new game setting option.