Crashing during saving

@Clare Hello, long time no speak, i have not been in here much lately, but i started playing again recently and have noticed that the crashing when saving has still not been resolved since november of 2021 when first reported. Have the devs given up on a fix for the console community?
I have noticed that the crash happens for me everytime there is a rain storm with thunder and lightening. it hangs also in save mode after a certain day like 52 i think.
as time progresses the save startrs to lag a little bit longer and longer each time. i find that if you save a little more often than needed to or to save 2-3 times in a row and quit to menu then re-load the issues temp go away.

Hi A_Coacherson,

Welcome back to the forums,

The team has not given up on resolving this issue. While some issues that may have resulted in crashes have been resolved in the release of the update to version 2083, the team are still investigating other causes of this issue and the potential triggers reported by players.

I moved your post to its own topic as the release of 2083 had occurred since the last post in the topic you posted in - though I understand it is still occurring for a number of users, it helps me to keep track of reports within different versions this way. Please confirm for me you are playing version 2083 now and if you are playing a save from an older version or one you created within this version.

Thank you for noting your experience of this issue occurring with rain and lightning and what in-game day you noticed this starting to occur for you.
As players progress through the game and add more structures and resources to their base island it is expected that it will take a little longer to save. However extended save times, and times that will eventually result in a crash are not part of this. Thank you also for letting us know that frequent saving can help alleviate the issues for you.

A number of players reported that their crashes would often happen after a lot of resource gathering / breaking down of items into resources. Have you noticed if gameplay sessions like this were more likely to crash for you? Or has there been any common factor in a gameplay session that you’ve noticed such as a large amount of construction, traveling to other islands etc.

Please also let me know if you have any container shelves, how many containers you have contained on your island or attached to your raft, and if you’ve ever experienced a container shuffle / containers moving within shelves in this save.

Apologies if I have asked any of this about the save in question before, but I want to make sure I have the correct information for updating my report for the team.

Thank you.