Crafting items on Raft (and indoors)

Hello there,

On console (PS4/Xbox), can we not craft items (like water stills, smokers etc.) on a raft (and indoors)?

The next update will allow us to craft some items and piles indoors on foundations and floors ect but i very much dowt on rafts although it does sound like a good idea lol i do know that water stills will still have to remain outside though

Thank you for your response. Yeah, it seems like it would be useful to be able to build water stills and smokers on your raft, so that you don’t have to build them on each island you explore.

Also, when you say the next update will allow us to craft some items indoors, on foundations and floors, are you referring to a console update? If so, do you happen to know when that update will be rolled out?

Yep i am indeed but unfortunately i do not clare has just said that it shouldnt be to long but no date in mind as soon as she knows more she’ll let the community know

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I’m fine with some things remaining outdoors, but still want those things to be on my nice flat and level outdoor patio… (seriously, i already have 1 hole in my floor because of some stinking purple star fish… nothing stopping me from putting another hole in my floor if i really wanted to have a still or what ever indoors…)
I know! create a 2nd version of all those apparatuses like the Water Still and such that includes a Foundation under it. Requires the extra foundation building material and everything… Then let us place it in accordance to Foundation building rules… =)

@Clare I believe with the recent update, we should now be able to craft items (like the water still) on Rafts? Are you able to confirm this is true?

Hi sri_rav,

After the update to version 2107, crafted Items that can now be placed on foundations/floors should include: Shelter, Camp Fire, Fire Pit, Fire Spit, Hobo Stove, Meat Smoker, Loom, Plank Station, Furnace, Tanning Rack and Brick Station. As well as piles.

The water still, fuel boiler still and farming plots cannot be placed on foundations / floors.

While I understand you primarily are looking for items to be placeable on raft floors, I am sorry to say none of the items listed above can be placed on raft floors.

Xbox1, CoOp Mode, 2107
I was able to build a Fuel Boiler on foundations very easily (no bugging required)…

After patch and without “bugging” I was able to build these things on Foundations:
Tanning Station
Brick Station
Plank Station
Fuel Still Boiler
Camp Fire
Fire Pit
Meat Smoker
Fire Spit
Hobo Stove

What hasn’t worked for me are:
Water Still
Farming Plot

Note: I have not tried any of these builds upon a raft.

I’ve also piled on foundations the following things without bugging anymore:
Coconuts (unpealed only, have not tried the ready to drink version)
Palm Fronds
Fibrous Leaves

sure wish we could pile Leather(50), Planks(50), Corrugated Scrap(50 or at least 24)… :slight_smile: