Craftable ladders and poles

A nice option to ascend levels would be craftable ladders and poles, which could be placed on the ground to access cliffs or in our buildings to replace stairs.

Currently the only option to connect levels of the structures we build are steps and they can take up a lot of room for some build designs.

Beyond that both of these options are already in the game, just not craftable by us.

Ladders can be found on many shipwrecks, as well as Palm Trees being climbable exactly as the poles would be.

With the poles and palm trees it would be nice to be able to swivel around them since you currently can’t change direction once you begin climbing, as well as slide down à la fire poles but those aren’t a big deal.


I think that’s great. I would also like to see wall peices with a ladder built on it so u can climb straight up. A stair set that creates a quarter circle(connects south to east side of piece etc) connect together to make a spiral stairset.

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I concur. Stairs are a bit impractical for towers (needed to make structure visible from a distance).