Cooperative play

Дорогие разработчики, прошу добавить совместную игру с другом на расстоянии.Тем самым вы сможете увеличить свой оклад и прирост онлайне будет вам в плюс.

Это же довольно не тяжело учитывая что зачаток уже есть на 2 экрана, почему бы не сделать как все проекты и не быть идиотами, людям приходится мучаться.

Прошу услышать наши просьбы и не быть мразями.

Dear developers, please add a cooperative game with a friend at a distance. By doing so, you can increase your salary and the growth online will be a plus for you.
It’s not hard enough, considering that the rudiment is already on 2 screens, why not do it like all projects and not be idiots, people have to suffer.
I ask you to hear our requests and not be scum.

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i feel you on that, but the way you put it is a little harsh yo. please show a little more respect to them as they do good work.

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Hi Nikitps,

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playing split screen feels like its 1995 , you got to understand peoples frustration when they buy a game that says co-op but you cant really play co-op, even remote play you need a controller and a keyboard it just doesnt feel very well planned i mean its 2021 now come on, i feel very cheated, would not have bought the game if i knew it only worked properly in singleplayer, had it been a physical copy i would have chugged it in the trash.

sorry if it seems harsh , but you guys never answer peoples questions , just ask them not to be rude,
its prolly more rude to lie to people to get them to buy your game and then when they call out the flaws no useful answer is given, feels like a big middle finger to me.

kind regards Roukan

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I would LOVE a more robust cooperative or LAN play system! My husband and I both enjoy playing this game and we’d love to be able to play together, with us each doing different projects among the islands!

So, this is because its a split-screen co-op? I’m feeling bummed.