Coop disconnecting and bugs

PC - STEAM - Coop disconnecting.


When my friend hosts the game, and I join the game, I regularly experience disconnections.

And when I die in the game, my game crashes, no interaction.

Hi FlokaLive,

Have you tried the co-op since the latest update yesterday?

Sorry for the late response.

Yes, I play regularly.

Yesterday, I had no disconnection, however I had some bugs, buggy items in my inventory, impossible to take or handle. And the dead always the same, no interaction.
I forgot, a recurring problem, if there is a storm when my friend drives the raft, I cross the raft, often finding myself in the water.

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Thankfully I got that game from the ps plus!!

We played for about a day in total with a friend and it was pretty ok, yeah sometimes I was disconnected but it was when I was doing multiple task simultaneously

now that we are fighting the great snake ( forgot the name) I keep getting disconnected again and again!

We tried everything we found online.
Locations public or not.
Wifi, Ethernet and 5G connections.
Starting from an island or on the raft.

Sometimes I don’t see anything in our wood boxes on the raft
Sometimes I cannot shoot my spears or my arrows
Sometimes I simply cannot play cause it is sooooo laggy
Sometimes the boss just don’t show up
Sometimes when the boss is present I don’t see his life but the life from the white shark… ( witch btw is the only boss I could finish without a disconnection )

I clearly don’t understand

I read thousands of people complaining about bugs and servor error
But you are not fixing that

I understand that u r not a super big team…
but guys… if I had put 25€ in that game

Are you planning to fix all the problems or should I just give up ?