Cooking & Food ideas

Just brainstorming some ideas regarding later-game food options…

Items we need:

  • Pot - either a discoverable object like a metal pot, or players could craft one from clay. If we can make clay water jugs, why can’t we make a pot? The pot could be used on a hobo stove to cook items.

  • Let us use palm fronds or fibrous leaves to make baskets (could be used for storage and would look nicer sitting inside a house than shelves and shelves of wooden crates)

  • More harvestable items for food! Seaweed, berries, edible leaves and flowers to use for salads, etc.

Things we should be able to make / do re Food:

  • Cook potatoes! Wrap it in a leaf and cook in a fire pit, or put them in a pot with water and meat to make soups!

  • Eat raw fish. Sushi, anyone?

  • With a pot and expanded harvestables, make teas that could be either medicinal, or used when healthy to give boosts / buffs that wear off over time. Or just simply break up the monotony of drinking nothing but water…

One of the best things about this game is that the end is optional. Players can choose to simply accept that their character has been removed from civilization and exist day-to-day in the world, carving out a tropical paradise for themselves. But someone who is doing that will eventually expand their gastronomical options.