[Content Creator] I'm giving away an actual Refined Knife [Crosspost]

Do you want a real refined knife?
Well here’s your chance to get one!

Beam Team, Stranded Deep and the Official Stranded Deep forums are not affiliated with this give away. This is an independent giveaway hosted by content creator SpeedyDeep. Participation is at your own discretion and through SpeedyDeep’s YouTube channel, not the forums. Beam Team accept no responsibily for this give away or the results there of.

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Hi SpeedyDeep!

Firstly I just wanted to note some edits I made. I added “[Crosspost]” into your title as there are duplicates across two sections of the forums. Generally we ask users not to post duplicate posts but I understand that for this kind of broader content there is no multi platform section on the forums so I’m going to leave both with the crosspost tag.

You also probably noticed I added a disclaimer to your post. While no claims are made in the video, I need to make sure we’re covered in that regard and that there’s no confusion there for those that find your video via the forums. I also added it to the other post too.

Secondly…wow, just wow :exploding_head: that replica is amazing! It’s so cool that it’s all handmade with natural materials and your description of the choices you made when creating it are really interesting too. I’ve shared your video with the team because I know they’d love to see it too :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the correction, and the understanding of my reasoning behind posting to both. I also very much appreciate the added disclaimer, that is something I will add to the video description as well. I probably should have thought of that. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the kind words and for passing it along!

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No problem and you’ve very welcome :slight_smile: