Container Shelf Must be Fixed

I hope the work to fix container shelves is a high priority. The game is incredibly frustrating without secure storage on a raft. After hours of game play with the workaround of lining up boxes in the raft floor we still lose boxes. While anchored next to an island some weird event bounces our raft and launches all our boxes into the water. We only go some back. I feel like I’m spending the majority of my game time dealing with glitches instead of enjoying the game.

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Hi ApacheChef,

A report about this issue has been submitted previously, the team are working to resolve all reported issues.

I’m able to make container shelves and attach them to the raft, but they float a little in the air. For sure, before you place it, it turns white and locks into place on the raft (but in the air). If you then place it, it’s secure, but raised off the raft a little. It works and doesn’t get lost. Hope that helps.