Console updates

Could you please tell us console players if we are going to get an update as I really enjoy playing this game but feel like we have been abandoned

Hi Sammyginge1988, welcome to the forums,

The team are currently working on the next update and issues reported to us by players both hear on the forums and via the contact form on the main site. While I do not have a release date or confirmed list of what it will contain as yet, information will be posted in the News and Announcements section as per usual once it is ready.

Hi Clare,

Any news on the next update?
Its been soo long since they last spoke to the community.
Any news would be much appreciated

Thank you.

Hi Prudhvi,

Same information as above, the team will post in News and Announcements as soon as information is available. All announcements are posted in News and Announcements so they are there for all to see and so information doesn’t get lost in other threads.

I know players are eager to hear from the team but please be mindful about reviving older posts in future as there are more recent discussions on this in General Discussion. (Though I understand this may have popped up first if you searched for updates)

How many keyboards have you rage broke over ppl asking bout the next update lol


I would be very surprised if they ever did another console update, lol. Been months and months but I will likely get a banned for “Doom and Gloom” for pointing out facts.

Draconian and very telling. Ask too many questions, or have an opinion you get silenced.

And you can’t blame team size, look at Dyson Sphere Program. Huge game, 5 devs, CONSTANT updates and bug fixes.

You also can’t compare one group of devs to another. We don’t know what is going on outside of this forum. I’m seeing a lot of developers from small studios to large have members come and go. Development can become very tedious and difficult. It would be nice to hear something regardless if not a full update to the game when it is taking so long from the last one. I’ve put the game on my to do list, and started playing other things until the update comes. We just have to face the facts that this game’s update is going to come out when it is ready to. I just hope it is a massive update given how long it has taken.

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Given that the only new feature for console they’ve mentioned to players is multi-player, I doubt we’ll see much for content updates for a while.

And I can compare one apple to another.

Could be the co-op update with bug fixes. I don’t think a next-gen update is next, but I hope that is coming after. Maybe it’ll come sometime in October-November? It is just hard to say here.