[Console] Update 2130 Information

Hi everyone,

A small patch was released today for PlayStation and Xbox versions of Stranded Deep. This should appear as version 2130 when updated.

The patch contains the following fix:

  • Fixed day-based achievements not incrementing or unlocking in some scenarios.

Please continue to report any issues you experience to the Console Bug Report section as the information you provide can help the team in investigating and resolving issues.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Stranded Deep.

:: Stay Alive!
Beam Team

Additional Info: Please note, this Patch should help against any issues experienced with the following achievements:

  • All day-based achievement tracking
  • Who Needs The Sea
  • Working With Hands
  • Lean Mean Crafting
  • Industrial Fashion
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this update has screwed up many things on my coop game. I put a detailed report in.

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Thanks for the information.