[Console] Update 2107 Release Notes and Info

Yes, really love your idea and support :kissing_heart:

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Crafted everything and that trophy craft them all did not pop. Looks like tool pouch 3 is grey but I have every pouch attached to my character.

Playing on ps4 solo without custom islands

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Hello did you received hotta craft them all now or before the update? I crafted shelves and hook today, everything is brown but nothing.

Hi all,

Thank you for your continued feedback on the changes, as a reminder, if you are reporting issues / bugs in the game after the update, please post them in the Console Bug Reports section and I’ll get back to you asap. As this thread gets larger it can become confusing with individual reports and responses and I want to make sure I don’t miss anyone’s report.

I’ll move some posts to their own thread soon so I can address them directly and to help make sure I don’t miss anything.

@xGnomeGrownx This could be because of the island type. I’ve reached out to the team to ask them about this to check if it is by design or not, and have highlighted that you (and other players) build bases there. I will let you know when I hear back from them - please bear with me as it may take some time.

@IceBlueDragon58 and @swpauhk Thank you for your feedback regarding the farming plots.

@Elounmeloun I’m sorry to hear that the Gotta Craft Them All trophy did not pop for you. The team are still working on issues surrounding achievements and crafting menu issues that may affect this achievement in particular. As mentioned in the release notes above the team are working on the next release candidate / update which is now with QA and are looking to address issues with achievements in this update.

I’ve also created some Known Issues posts for some of the more commonly reported issues:


On Xbox1, CoOp Mode, 2107
I also tested/verified I can’t stack these things past 4:
“Smoked” Large Meat
“Smoked” Medium Meat
“Smoked” Small Meat
“Cooked” Medium Medium
“Cooked” Small Meat
Aloe Vera

But what does stack to 8 for me are:
Kura Fruit
Quwawa Fruit
Yucca Fruit
Dead fish (got random mix of any dead fish that can be picked up)
“Raw” Medium Meat
“Raw” Small Meat

Note: I didn’t bother hunting for Large Meats to test on as “Raw” or “Cooked”, but already had plenty of “Smoked” Large Meat in containers.

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I play on PS4 and I’m still experiencing a lot of server disconnect when playing in a friends world? Also getting a lot of glitches in the last couple days where I go into a chest and it’s showing nothing in there (but I know there is stuff) anyone have any advice or feedback that may be dealing with the same ?

Hello my friend. I get the trophy after the update. It’s popped straight when I build last shelf.
You sure you build everything? I remember that some things are really hard to see if they have brown background in the crafting menu. Like container wall etc…

Hello, may i ask if console players will be getting the storage containers/boxes to craft please

I will try again with container stuff. Thank for the tip.

Been playing around a bit more and can confirm the alternative remedy for crates does work, though I believe reloading is still quicker if only for the sole purpose of resetting them. Another workaround for crabs/fish is to use a refined axe, seems to do just as much damage as a crude spear and nothing gets stuck to it. The crate bug has definitely slowed things down altogether though :grimacing:

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What is the workaround you found with the crates? Sorry, I think I missed that. It’s so frustrating! Because I can’t go in and get food or anything out

What about the issues with the crates not showing inventory (when there is for sure inventory in them) any current work around for that? I hope so cause it’s very irritating

Crates sometimes become unable to be moved in any way when you move too much stuff in/out of them. You can remedy that by either reloading your save or exiting and reentering the affected island tile. Not sure about the inventory issue, as I have yet to run into that, though it could be related to the moving bug

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Hi all,

As a reminder, please report any issues in new topics in the Console Bug Report section and I’ll get back to you asap.

I cannot follow-up with individual reports in larger threads like this and it also runs the risk of me missing your report. It also means the team can reference posts or info shared directly about specific issues more easily.

Thank you!

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Looks like Main issues of Crates and Meat was noted.
Update working Good on ps5 otherwise. (crates being a… frustrating issue)
I havn’t encounter Crates on Shelves going poof (On raft) Yet, Not listed in Patch notes.
Anyone encounter this?

Anyway… I had always wanted to register and Post my suggestion(s) for update.

  • Passive Sharks. I’m getting bored of opening options to turn on passive for water. Then forgetting when on land. (I got a bad fear of sharks)
    Can we get a Passive Shark option, so Boars and Crabs, Lion Fish, Snakes etc are evil. But just turn sharks to passive. I can handle them swimming past… most of the time.

  • Turn Hats off Option.
    On PC, You can just Mod it off… I don’t see why were stuck with Shark Hat or Beanie. I’d love to play in 3rd person… silly hats, just don’t work. >_>

Glad you all have been updating game, Shout out SMii7Y - YouTube
Who played this with Kyroz, and reminded me that I own’d this game on ps4 and give it another go. XD
(It did not play very well at release…)