[Console] Update 2083 Patch Notes

Hi Everyone!

Update 2083 will start rolling out on Xbox and PlayStation from approximately 8am PST / 4pm GMT today (2022/01/10). Below are the patch notes for fixes included as well as a note on a known issue.

The update may take some time to roll out across all regions, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. The number in the bottom left corner of the main menu will change to 2083 once your game has been updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inventory being wiped when a desynced object is stored inside.

  • Fixed desyncs caused by client joining an in-progress game and accessing a ‘Wood Crate’ previously accessed by the host.

  • Fixed host game getting stuck after client quits while host is using the ‘Shelter’ save game window.

  • Fixed player character falling out-of-world after getting revived when the player drowns and gets stuck inside a shipwreck or other structure.

  • Fixed P1’s held item not updating for P2 when auto-equipping end-game aircraft parts.

  • Fixed ‘Hog’ and ‘Giant Crab’ not spawning on custom islands.

  • Fixed rafts flipping when ‘Light Hook’ is added.

  • Fixed rafts bouncing all over the island when crafting a ‘Container Shelf’ over a ‘Light Hook’.

  • Fixed items hovering in air when dropped if another object is underneath.

  • Fixed P2 unable to retrieve ‘Seagull’ from ‘Bird Snare’.

  • Fixed ‘Bird’ ragdolls not falling to the ground when player fails to collect with a full inventory.

  • Fixed harvesting multiple ‘Yucca Fruits’ from a single ‘Yucca’ plant.

Known Issues

  • Fixed inventory from being wiped: Fixed a single broken item preventing inventory storage from saving. We’re still investigating a solid repro for this, but from now on the offending item will be removed and the rest of the inventory will save correctly. If you notice a specific item disappearing, please report it, along with as much information as possible about the events leading up to experiencing the issue.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Stranded Deep and the team as we work on other issues reported to us by the community.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

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Good morning. This patch introduced a new issue with the binoculars.

I was on my man made raft. Used binoculars and the black outline of the binoculars did no go away. I then put the binoculars in my backpack and was unable to see my watch nor was i able to see the tools in my right hand.

Reload my save and haven’t used binoculars again.

I am playing on xbox sx

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Same problem on ps4 pro. I cant see my watch !

Hello after update we lost progress in crafting everytime we reload the game. It went grey from brown everytime so we dont know if we will be able to receive craft them all trophy. We play on multiplayer. Please help us we started for the third time and still not go brown in craftable menu after save and reload the next day

Hi @Meeleepit and @Viljuska888 - I have a known issues post here on this issue. The team are investigating and any updates will be posted there - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Binoculars not working as intented

Hi @Elounmeloun - I am sorry to hear you are having issues with crafting. I see you have posted a report in the Console Bug Reports section and will respond there soon.

If anyone else is experiencing any issues after the update, please create a bug report in the Console Bug Reports section and I will get to you as soon as I can. Thank you.

Same here with binoculars bug on Xbox this evening. Also my spear gun started having an extra arrow stuck to the top of it when I am in water. This happens intermittently. When I put my speargun back in the backpack the arrow floats on the water and I can grab it. Finally, every time we load a save on our Xbox One or Xbox S it says “The refined knife has been stored in your backpack” even though the knife was not newly crafted, and other in-game messages about crafting are delayed about 2-3 seconds more than usual.

Thanks, @Clare for all your work!

Hi Rocitoc, thank you for your support and for reporting this issues. Would you mind creating a Bug Report issue for these? If it’s possible to get a clip or screengrab of these issues that’s also be great as I can add them to my report for the team - Thank you!

Hi, I am getting a similar message whenever I load the save file, just replace ‘Knife’ with ‘Spear’. It does, however, not seem to affect the inventory.

Hi i really appreciate what you as team is doing to get the game to a workable game . It seems the glitches is realy giving you a hard time and i hope you can get it under control . I really hope that you can somehow realise that we would really love it if you can make the game more like its pc counter part . Thanks Chris

Hello to all dear Beam Team customers, i have one question about bosses, do they respawn or it is bug? Playing latest version on my PS4 Pro, killed them all and everyday i am going at their locations in special boss area and did not find them. Greetings from Serbia.

They do not respawn, they’re bosses, one time kill.

thanks friend very much, but how can i kill them multiple times without erasing existing save? So if i want to kill them every time i must make new skills and start new game? That’s so annoying.

Because they’re bosses, after killing the once there is no point in killing them again as you cannot harvest them.

You barely have time to get your spears back before they despawn after killing them.

They’re only important to the story.

I will admit it would be nice to have some more challenging animals to hunt.

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mhm that’s so weird because on PC they do respawn after you killed them in a few days, thanks very much again, otherwise it is very funny game and i am playing everyday this​:ok_hand::wave:

Hi. I get the same issue on PS4 Pro of binoculars outline after use

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I don’t think they do unless someone is using some sort of mod

everything is possible, but if they make this feature in next patches, that would be awesome, greetings my friend​:blush::wave:

Hey Beam Team, any news on the next patch/release? The broken items in 2083 kind of killed my gameplay. I keep checking for updates on my PS4 but haven’t seen anything yet.


Me too, Havent play for more than month.

PS4 on Multiplayer. Same Issue with binoculars. Saving a game in Multiplayer crashes the PS4 Version often. Client Player cant see inventory of crates. Only after unload everything by host and added by client its visible. This goes as far as client adds 3 items to a spot. I see 5 items client sees his 3 added.
I send a crash report every time on PS4.
Game crashes at saving with just the host on multiplayer as well.

You did an amazing game! Please maintain it. I advertise it to friends often!

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