[Console (PS4+PS5)] [2071] [Interaction Loss Triggers] Conclusiveness Test

Testing the loss of interaction triggers. Details under steps section.


Hosting with PS5, Joined player uses PS4 pro. Playing online (obviously),
Interface: Crosshair and Item highlighting = on.
Gameplay: Tutorial = On, Auto Walk = Off, Camera View Mode = First Person.
Animals: Wildlife = Default.
Environment: Volumetric Cloud = On.

Hosting Private Session.
Set Difficulty = Normal
Gender Selection = Male (host) & Female (joined player).
World = Existing
Permadeth = Off
Wildlife = Default

I started a new multiplayer save on a new save slot to try to figure out (at least for me and a joined player, I cannot seem to reproduce bug on my existing saves, traveled everywhere) what the trigger(s) are since there are so many of what seem to be opinions being tossed around here, or possibly multiple scenarios that trigger it.
I initially landed on a small island, but left for a large cliff island that night without building anything there, just collected resources and left with what we could carry (was thinking it would trigger when we got there and testing would end there, but it didn’t).
I have gone back and forth between some islands and my main base (which has large rock cliffs) and a small passive boar and large crabs, but no snakes. Experienced multiple storms already.
I’ve been taking it slow and so far, I have been alive 6 game days, explored 3 islands (2 of which have large rock cliffs with boars, hogs, and one with snakes).

  • Some background: Perviously when I noticed the interaction issue, I was was on one of these large islands, but the snakes were not visible, like they were below ground. This is when I noticed the interaction loss, but can’t conclusively say that was the cause. I have not had the issue come up yet. We didn’t play long since I had expected the bug to appear by now.

Next milestones:

  • Crafting a wooden raft with sail since I had used that to get to the islands on my save where it happened, but so far have only used the inflatable raft.
  • Crafting like 40 lashings and dropping them in a pile since when I noticed it happen, that was what we were directly engaged in doing and then suddenly couldn’t pick up fibrous leaves or hit anymore young palms.
  • Surviging to 15 days since this is when it occured last time.

Interesting notes: In my most recent escapade at a large cliff island, I killed 3 swine (1 small-passive boar, and 2 large aggresive hogs) and harvested them and put the items inside two crates which I took with me back to my base on the other cliff island. When I returned home, I only had 1 crate, so I thought, ok, this is it. However, so far, I can still interact with everything just fine. I just lost everything that was in the one crate that had the meat.

Not yet applicable.

Suggestions for triggering the bug are welcome, but please be specific in your suggestion, so I can do my best to replicate.

I just saw this update:
" UPDATE 10/11
I received an update from Sam. The issue has been successfully reproduced. A fix has been built and has now been passed on to QA so they can verify the fix. Once the fix is verified the builds will be submitted to Sony and Microsoft asap. As per Sam’s previous post [That’s this one -Clare], this will then need to be approved and reviewed by both Sony and Microsoft before it can be released."

I’ll keep trying anyway, but am glad they were able to reproduce the issue and submit a fix to QA. Hopefully not long before they can confirm that the fix addresses all these possible scenarios, or if truly it is just one all encompassing issue that branches off

Either way… :partying_face:

Hi MEF - Thank you as always for providing such clear bug reports and for helping others in the forums in general. I’ll keep a note of this post for reference.

There has been a new update since your last comment. The fix was approvved by Microsoft and release for XBox and the PlayStation one wont be far behind it. As soon as Sony approves it the team will publish it.

It is my understanding the part of the fix is designed to prevent the issue from occuring under multiple scenarios. The fix should also work retro-actively on saves but should you notice anything after updating please do not hesitate to let me know.