Console Multiple issues

I thought I’d give it a bit and let you guys fix this game and now rafts are disappearing,water stills just grow legs and runaway apparently and people are still having issues with saving …and then there’s the online side …stuff just isn’t there we spent 3 hrs building only to come back and I can not physically see any of our work …seriously fix the game or just remove it completely it’s so broken it’s actually getting worse not better 3 months later and the same little things

Hi Mathmaddikt113,

I have moved your post to it’s own topic as a number of items you mentioned were different to the topic you posted in.

I’m sorry to hear your gameplay is affected by multiple issues and I wanted to make clarify some information so I can pass it onto the team.

Firstly, please let me know all of these issues are occurring in one mulitplayer game or are they across a few saves and confirm for me what console you are playing on. Please also confirm the number in the bottom left of the main menu shows the number “2079” which is the latest version.

Items disappearing

  • For Rafts and Water Stills vanishing, have you found them teleported to the centre of the island at all or have they gone from the island completely?

  • Has this occurred on a save and reload, or after you’ve travelled to an island and back again?

  • If this occurred in a multiplayer save, were both of these items made by the same player?

Saving Issues

  • Have you had issues with saving in your game? If so, please elaborate on what kind of saving issue you are having and what you see when it occurs.

Desynced items

  • For the items you built and then cannot see, if this only an issue occuring for player 2, or are both players unable to see the items?

  • Did you save before leaving the island?

  • If you quit and reload the save, are both players able to see the items again?

  • Are items invisible or can you walk through the space where they should be as if they don’t exist at all?

I understand that these issues can be both frustrating and disheartening when playing and any extra information you can provide about your experience of these issues would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team in investigating the cause and finding a solution to them.