Considering buying the game. What are the quirks?

I’ve been thinking of buying this game. When I consider doing that, I like to go on their forums to see people’s opinion.
I’m not looking for people who are bashing the game. Please don’t reply if that is your intention. I instead want to know about quirks in the game that you can “solve” in ways that don’t seem obvious or immediately logical.

One example I have heard something about is where some kind of leaf falls where you can’t get to it. The way to handle this was to craft something near it that needs leaves and you would end up being able to use it since it was nearby (or something like that… help me to describe this one since I haven’t played yet).

Anyway, if there are other things like this that I should know about before playing, it would be great to make a like of these quirks and oddities.

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Hi tomilyn and welcome to the forums.

There are a number of bugs, but thankfully most are minor. Searching these forums, Im sure you will find them.

That said, it is in my view, one of the better survival games and it does have a fair fanbase. If you look at youtube, theres many videos made by players - some really funny… From there, you can judge if its something that would entertain you. I all depends on your own personal preference of the type of game you enjoy.

if you like survival and dont mind a number of minor bugs, Id say its definatly worth a try - especially if it on offer.

Im sure other fans of the game would probably say something similar - it would depend on taste…

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Thanks for the opinion about the game.

I think, though, my question was not about if I should buy it but instead about creative solutions to quirks. Do you have any of those?

One thing that I wouldn’t like to show new players are those wonky wild boards that are absoutely broken. They are just flying all over the place and they seem to miss half of the sound effects and I can’t hear them coming at all. Very annoying.