Connot connect server issue

i cant play co op, error is ‘‘connot connect server’’ looks like my game do not connecting internet. can anyone help me?

please can anyone help me?
i wanna play stranded deep co op but im taking this error ‘’ connot connect the server’’ im playing with pc. .

Hi Miraix2, I merged your posts together to prevent confusion on the Console Bug Reports section.

I’m sorry to hear you were experiencing issues with connectivity in Stranded Deep.

If the issue is persisting for you, please let me know:

  • What version of the game are you playing?
  • Is this your first time trying to connect online or have you been able to play before?
  • Have you tried verifying the game files?
  • At what point are you failing to connect? Please describe your process of trying to join a game, what menus you get through etc before the error message appears.
  • What ISP and router model are you using?
  • Are you able to host a game?
  • If you’re trying to join a specific game, does the issue occur only with that game, or does it occur with other random games you’ve tried joining also?

Some things to check:

  • Do firewall permissions allow Stranded Deep to make online connections? Even if you’ve been able to play before, it is good to check incase there was an update that reset permissions
  • Is the time on your PC synced correctly? It is possible it may have falled out of sync if you had a OS update.
  • Is the game up to date?
  • Have you changed or updated your ISP or Router?

Thank you.

First of all, I apologize for replying late.
first question:i am playing this version
2: I’ve never played online before, this is my first time trying it
3:yes i verifed game files
4:When I enter the game and click on play online, I get this error.
5:turktelekom ISP, i am living Turkey
6:I can’t access anything online.(in game)

when i click play online button this error turns out

I checked everything necessary, thank you for your help, I look forward to your return.(extra information im playing at epic games)

Hi Miraix2,

Thank you for answering my questions and I’m sorry for my own extended delay in replying, I was unfortunately out of the office for some time and had missed your response.

I will pass the information you’ve shared onto the team and ask them for advice in regards to your connection issues. Thank you for also confirming you’re playing via Epic Games.

If at all possible, it may be worth trying to use an alternative connection such as a wired vs wireless connection. If a Mobile hotspot is available as a completely separate connection to test, this may also help to narrow down if the online blocker is occurring within the game files, or there is something in your connection settings the game is unable to get through.

Again I am sorry for my delay in responding and that this issue is persisting for you.