Co-Op Saving Issues (with answer)

Hi Clare

I am also having this issue and the same as another forum member posted.

Ps4 pro
Save it at a tent multiple times
I am hosting with a friend as player 2
Auto region
Go back to main menu and the save slot is empty, game is gone but continue option is there…select continue and it takes me to a brand new game and character selection screen etc.
Single player works and saves normally
Latest version updated before playing yesterday.

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It looks like it’s starting fresh game but it’s not, it’ll load YOUR MP save just fine

When saving the “game saved” icon appears.

I have tried other slots with same result, 0 file.

Tried different seed numbers multiple times.

I tried continuing all the way back in and it went through character selection and the whole process and started the game again from the plane crash sequence to an empty island. I will try again tomorrow though. Make sure I did it right. I was a bit rushed.

Here’s a video of me loading in to my multiplayer save.

Take note the Days Played shown on the main menu are for the SINGLE PLAYER save NOT Multiplayer.

Thankyou Lothaer.

I just tried it and it is all still there! I was seeing the “0 days” thinking it was the multiplayer. Not sure what was happening before and the game did have a network error and kick me off without saving but it is there!

Thanks again.

Glad you were able to continue your save @HSV-SpeedDemon88 - thank you @Lothaer for helping!

If any other loading issues persist for your HSV-SpeedDemon88, please do let me know!

I’m going to move this thread to its own post so it doesn’t get lost in this older post as it may help others visiting the forums.

To anyone who reads this topic but has similar issues persisting in their game, please create a new topic in Console Bug Reports with as much info as possible. You can include a link to this post to let me know you came from here / have already read this topic.

Thankyou Clare.

Evrything is as it was supposed to be. I did have a network error after about 30min and lost all my progress from the original save but loaded in again and the original save was still there a 2nd time.

Kind regards,

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Same problem but the fix won’t work