CO OP multiplayer bug

(Xbox Series S) when traveling to another island non host jumped out the raft and quit. it booted my game and when i loaded back in everything that was built is gone. my base, water stills, looms, tanning racks ect… was gone. my raft is glitched under the map, only the sail is sticking out of the ground i cant move it with LT, can only raise sail… ive spent so much time on my base… may i add i do still have all of my crates and inventory, still have my shelter and weapons and what not but still… sucks for sure…

Hi Kvngsilent, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced this issue within your game. So I can report this to the team, and to ensure I’ve understood the series of events correctly, can you confirm the following for me:

  • When traveling to another island, Player 2 jumped out fo the raft and quit the game. Was Player 2 someone you’re in contact with who told you they quit, or could they have possibly disconnected when this happened?

  • When you say it “booted your game” did your game crash after Player 2 quit, or was it shortly afterwards?

  • When reloading, were you loading a previous save or did you manage to save before the game crashed?

  • Did you reload without quitting out of the game entirely or did the entire game crash before you reloaded?

  • If you haven’t saved the game in its current state, please try shutting down and unplugging the console for 2-5 mins before plugging it back in and rebooting. This should clear the cache of the console. After doing this, please load the same save and let me know if it has made any difference for you.

  • You mentioned you still had all your crates, do you have a lot of crates on your island? either on shelves or on the ground? Would any of these crates have come from custom islands you made and looted or are they all ones generated by the game?

  • Additionally, would you have had any shelves and crates on your raft?

I understand how frustrating losing these items can be for a player, and any extra information about your experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.