Clothing and gear!

I just want something that players could build to at least customize how they would look like in game, like an upgrade or craft item such as clothing that could help them with sunburn etc, then gets destroyed when fighting with bosses or sharks. I don’t know you’re building houses why not change what you’re wearing?


We can make cloth and leather, so it only makes sense that we should be able to make some clothes or armor. It doesn’t need to be super complicated and extensive, but it’d be nice to at least be able to craft an island outfit, or a makeshift diving suit. It could function like the tool belts, where you craft it once and it acts as a permanent buff. Hat/clothing could reduce the rate at which SPF decreases. Armor could reduce the damage dealt by animals. Diving suit could give a 25% chance to not get poisoned when running into lion fish/sea snakes. Shoes could give you a 25% chance to not get poisoned when stepping on a Crown of Thorns. Gloves could give a 25% chance to pick up double resources. Etc.

I want giant crab armor with a hog-tusked helmet and snakeskin shoes.


Clothing and armor would be very welcome. As mentioned we already have the leather to make some armor. A palm frond hat would be nice to give a little SPF bonus. Would be sweet if we could craft a shield from the carapace of a giant crab. Snakeskin boots would be fantastic.
Maybe we could harvest other things from animals like shark teeth or boar tusks to make spear and arrow heads, knives, and other tools.

I don’t think any of the bonuses from armor/clothing should be permanent though. It should have durability just like tools.