Client disconnected - ps4 multiplayer

Ps4 console multiplayer

Spent 30+ minutes looting an island with my cousin. Looked away from the screen for 10 seconds and we were disconnected. Happened week ago too and we shut the game off.

Hyped the game up to him for weeks and now we both have the game and can’t even play it together without being disconnected.

Please fix the server/connection problems :tired_face:

Hi Olafbezerker, welcome to the forums,

The team is investigating issues with connections for players, please let me know…

  • What region are you using for your multiplayer game? Have you tried changing the region and did that help at all?

  • Is your cousin playing on the same type of PlayStation?

  • In your network connections on your consoles, what NAT type do each of you have?

  • Have you noticed anything in common between each time you’ve disconnected such as a particular action in the game (similar to your significant amount of looting, gathering/crafting/using a lot of items), a similar time frame or even real world local time eg: playing in earlier/later has less disconnects etc.

I understand this issue can be very frustrating when trying to play the game with someone else. Any extra info you can provide about your gameplay and setup would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team in their investigation.

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East, United States region

Im on Ps4 Pro and he plays on Ps4 slim, I host the game.
I just saw there is a network region and put it to east. Ni believe it was set to automatic the last time it disconnected.

Both have Open Nat connections

We didn’t really notice anything that triggered the disconnect in particular though

Was just about to head out on the raft and go to our home island and it disconnected :[

Thanks for replying, really enjoy playing the game either way

Thank you for those details Olafbezerker - if you haven’t tried changing the region yet, would it be possible next time you play to see if you are able to maintain a connection on West, USA, or even a European region? I know there was a high number of disconnects with East, USA when multiplayer was released but I believe the team rectified those issues. However I would be interested to know if it could potentially be a specific region that is resulting in the more frequent disconnects.

Another thing I’ve noticed is players mentioning disconnects just before setting out, just like you and your cousin.Would both of your characters have moved and filled crates or organised loot just before this disconnect? There could also be a desync issue with something at this point. Have you and your cousin experience desyncs with items or what you see in game when playing?

Regardless I will note your details for the team members looking into the disconnects, if you notice anything else, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your understanding.

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I will definitely try changing regions. Played 2 nights ago and no issues on East region.
But yeah actually when i built the Water Still he couldn’t see it or use it until we played again the next day. Not sure if thats considered desyncing or not.

We didnt have that issue during the session when we were disconnected last time though.

And as for the crates, yes we had about 2-3 each filled in our inventory.

& thank you for the tips, i will let you know if anything happens tonight

Well we just loaded into the final start screen and in lobby together.
I saw ping showed 280-300 so i backed out to change the region to Europe instead of USA West and after about 40 seconds the “creating session” screen times out and says “cannot connect to server”. Tried it about 10 times now and no change. :confused:
Closed application 3 times and retried but the problem persists even when i change regions.
Just says “TIME OUT”

Seemed like it was gonna work fine until I tried creating a new session

Tried it another time after I closed application and it successfully created a session. Working now

Hi Olafbezerker,

Thank you for those updates and for letting me know you were having issues connecting and describing what you saw. After you successfully created a session, what region was used and did you manage to maintain connection for the duration of your gameplay / experience any issues, etc.?

With regards to your cousin not seeing the water still you built, but then could after your reloaded, I would consider this a type of desync thank you for sharing that info.

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We ended up using USA West and it worked for the duration of the session no issues after we were able to form a lobby.

I kept switching regions though when the server time out occured and went from Europe>US West>US East and kept repeating that until it finally worked after I closed the application again.

Thank you for that info Olafbezerker, I’ll add these details to my notes for the team.