Client Crash on Megalodon

[PC][Steam][Online CO-OP] [] [Client Crash on Megalodon]

I have been playing the online co-op version and we have been dealing with several connection timeout issues. We were able to deal with most them, but this one is legitimately stopping us from completing the game. We found the Megalodon and I immediately crashed (white screen with Timeout_Fence) when I jumped into the water to fight it. We loaded back in and then everything was broken for me only (not the host). Whenever I would open a crate, the items would fall out, but the host could still see them inside the crates. When I would look into the crates again, they would be empty. Even with that happening, we still decided to try to fight the Megalodon again, but when we got up close to it, the whale it was eating wouldn’t render in and all we could see were pixels. I crashed shortly after and then it loaded in for the host. We tried a 3rd time and the same exact thing happened. Items fell out of the crates as I opened them (for me only, not the host), the whale the Megalodon would be at wouldn’t render in, and then I got the Timeout_Fence again. We aren’t really sure what else to do at this point because we can’t continue with the storyline.

#7379262 (I think)

All of our settings have stayed the same. We don’t have any custom islands. We have been playing for 26 hours according to Steam.

Go to the Megalodon location and then it doesn’t render and then I crash.


  • Host is Europe and I am USA, East.
  • We both have tried relaunching the game completely and still no luck.