Cisterns / Rain Water Collection

I’m relatively new to the game, but one of the first things I noted when playing was that there was no way to harvest rain water. In a survival situation in a tropical location, harvesting rainwater would be the most logical method to obtain and retain it… especially on a larger scale once a player has an established base and farming operation. All of the components we need are already in the game! We could use barrel scrap and wood sticks to construct elevated, open-top cisterns for collecting rain. Or, alternatively, players could craft more robust cistern bases from clay bricks. Of course this could be a more advanced crafting item.
Players could then simply refill their coconut flasks or other water containers from the cisterns.

Additionally, as an upgrade for farming operations, players could use clay to craft crude pipes to make a rudimentary drip irrigation system from a cistern to maintain water levels for farming plots. Each cistern and pipe setup could maintain a maximum number of plots (maybe 4 or 5?), so players could have rows of plots with cisterns at the end of each row.

I love the game, but one of my biggest complaints with it is the nit-picky, monotonous, and repetitive running around refilling leaves under water stills, filling containers, and then individually watering plots. I need to be spending my time harvesting resources from the islands and hunting / fishing. Someone stranded on an island like this would use the materials at hand to create the most efficient systems possible that require the least energy expenditure to achieve their objectives.

Just some food for thought!


I agree. Typically games like this have a way to improve your setup to automate things more and cut out the repetitive grind (wiki). Some way to make water collection more efficient would be helpful.

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A (rough demo) proposed design for cistern proposed above. The reservoir (pink/purple) design based on the farming plots collects rainwater. This can be channelled via pipes made of hollowed-out logs (blue) through to the water storage (red) for collection by player or to fill water flasks with, or channelled into farming plots to automatically water crops should water be available.

Storms should refill water stills. There’s no reason for them not to.

Great idea. This is something we need in game. Just wanted to drop my thoughts on this as well:

Rainwater collectors could be made from cloth, tarps, barrels, or even bouy balls (cut in half). These could then be connected to storage containers (made from barrels) using hose or pipes. The pipes could be made from bamboo; hose could be a lootable object.
I like your idea of a gravity feed irrigation system. It makes sense it would only feed so many plots but maybe this could be increased by adding a water pump (constructed from engine parts; this gives additional usage for the abundance of engine parts).