Cigarette lighter and dyes

Why find something that can be made?

Maybe this is good at the beginning, with the starting island. Not necessarily later.
New items can be added instead.

Maybe two such:

  • cigarette lighter. How would it make the game easier. Production and use of kindling is not bad at first (So many wrecks and not a single smoker memento)

  • dyes for cloth. And maybe a brush. To change the color cloth. Being able to paint or dye the sails white would be something.

My adventure with Stranded Deep started at 0.74.00. I see changes for the better with each update. And that’s what I like. Bravo! :+1:


Kindling should last indefinitely, shouldn’t it?

I’m on console and once you make a kindling it lasts forever.


On console Kindling doesnt degrade. I have it on my toolbelt so i only craft it once and always have it with me.

I know that the toolbelt suposedly works diferent on PC so maybe kindling behaves differently on PC also, but its worth verifying that it is or isnt indestructable on PC as well. If it is you’ll save quite a few sticks.

Dyes for cloth would be cool. Change the color of th sails like you said, also the color of tarp walls. I like that.

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On PC, the firing up does not degrade either.

When there were only 3 places in the crates, I felt sorry to take up valuable space for firelighter, which is easy to create. Of course, you can build a bigger and bigger raft, but that causes other problems. And when I was taking it with me, I often forgot to take it to the next island. And then again: it is easier to produce than…

Now the chests have 5 slots. But I am more concerned with the slowness of ignition, which is good at first, not later. If you could put such a lighter in your pocket and always have it with you (for the forgetful), not taking up space in your inventory … The fuel is already there.

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You have a very good point on the slowness of lighting fires with kindling. On console we have to rapidly alternate the trigger buttons to light fires, and while i get it that its to simulate the action of rubbing the sticks together to create the friction, it actually hurts my hands to do.

I think lighter would be nice as a loot. And it has to be filled with fuel to be used (1 fuel/10 uses). Then it would be some sort of end game bonus. And i agree with dyes, but i dont know how i would get them, loot or crafting? crafting would be hard bcs there isnt many flowers or idk what are bio paints made of :smiley:. And as a loot it could be pretty annoying in the later game…

sorry for my english :slight_smile:

You’re right. As loot, it’s more of a paint. As a dye, maybe from some fish :octopus:?

corrals would be perfect solution i think.

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So i had an idea that they could add charcoal to the game. Theyd change the way campfires work so that as it burns instead of emptying the fuel it converts it to charcoal so when you go to add wood/fiber to a campfire you have to first remove the charcoal.

Add Craftable Bowls: Multiple uses but in this case for crafting Pigments.
(“cooking” an Edible Coconut Half turns it into a Coconut Bowl?, Craft Clay Bowl fron Clay?)

Add Mortar and Pestle: Item for craftting Pigments
At Mortar and Pestle:

  • Charcoal + Bowl = Black Pigment
  • Red Coral + Bowl = Red Pigment
  • Seaweed/Kelp + Bowl = Green Pigment
  • Etc.
  • You could also mix Pigments for diferent colors
  • White Pigment + Red Pigment = Pink Pigment
  • Red Pigment + Black Pigment = Burgundy Pigment
  • etc.

Add Dye Station
Cloth + [x color] Pigment = [x color] Cloth

You could then go to, say for instance, your raft with the colored cloth in hand, use it on the sail and then the sail would change color and you would get back a cloth of whatever color the sail had been before.

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It would be nice to have dyes. Your idea requires the addition of new items, tools. And that’s what I meant by calling up the topic.

But if nothing is added: let found cloth have different colors.

White sails will become possible.

There used to be a zippo lighter in the game originally. It was part of the original intro tutorial where you made a cocktail on the plane.
I am wondering if it got removed due to too many accidents involving lighting an explosive material while onboard a pressurised plane. This then ultimately lead to the passenger/s being stranded (assumed to be somewhere in the Pacific) and left to try and survive on their own.

I originally did think it might be the FAA rules, but although the rules regarding ‘lighters’ are not exactly straightforward. As far as I can discern under the Hazardous Materials Regulations and TSA security rules a zippo lighter should be ok as it would fall into the ‘Absorbed liquid’ category, providing it was kept on the person during the flight of course.

Cosmo and Fred

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Thank you for the accurate information.

But if it was in the game and can be restored (in accordance with the rules), why not do it? Restoration should be simple and very welcome. Maybe not at the beginning of the game, but later (after defeating one of the bosses) to appreciate her.