Cartographer Limits?

Hello anyone out there in Pacifica able to help me out with the console Cartographer. My main question is what are all the limits. I want to certain stuff to spawn in always and others to just rng for its place. Is there something I’m missing in the menu?

Hi BadgerSyx,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you. There is an option in the cartographer to “lock” items - the instructions appear in text under the preview screen. However if the limits are the island are surpassed in all the locked items, not all of them may generate.

It’s a good way to ensure small grounds of items such as tree types, rocks or a particular ship type appears on your island.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Yeah I had seen that I was meaning more along the lines does anyone know say for example I place a yucca tree down it doesn’t allow me to put down a stone deposit. I’m assuming they use same spawn points? So I was asking if anybody knows what this ratio is? Like if I have 3 yucca trees no stone deposits can be placed. At least that’s what I’ve seen.

Ah, sorry for my misunderstanding. I will need to double check this with the team and get back to you. If I recall correctly it’s not based on item numbers exactly, so 1 stone does not equal 1 tree as you’ve seen yourself. I’ll see if I can get better clarification for you on this.