Cartographer item placement

So im wondering ive been playing for a long time now and id realy like to see this emplacement not being random (i play on consol xbox…switch…) any way for you guys to put in the same or a new way of emplacement for consol just like pc has. On a more funky note: how about a submarine reck ? And i love colorfull fish any chance adding new fishable fish like butterfly fish blue tang or even french angle fish bat fish ? Thx!

Hi @Samisas1, welcom to the forums,

I moved your post to it’s own section in the suggestions section so it doesn’t get lost and also to avoid reviving an older bug report post. (The link to the original post can be found at the bottom your your post above for reference)

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback - I will pass them onto the team. However, please note that at the moment the team are focusing on fixing issues reported by players and smaller “Quality of Life” updates. There are currently no plans to add additional features or objects to the game, however I wanted to make sure your suggestion and feedback regarding the cartographer and additions to the game can be easily seen and referenced in this section.

Thanks again.