Cartographer Island Displaying Incorrectly

Hey Clare is there anyway you can open a Topic for not being able to see the Island you’re on in the Cartography menu. I moved Island and save, still it says I’m in the middle island that’s marked Red. I’d really appreciate it. This is Co-op Save on PS5. We’re trying to reset the Islands and we can seem to figure out which one We’re on.

Hi Lukeassult,

I moved your post to a new topic so I can address this issue for you - please do not post off topic in other threads. You should be able to create topics yourself by clicking the “New Topic” button in the top right of most pages on the forums. (Though if you’re new to the forums I believe you might need to spend some time on the forums before this becomes available)

With regards to your issue, I’m sorry to hear that this is affecting your save and understand this can make changing islands very difficult. I have a few extra questions if you don’t mind.

Do you have a single player save in the same slot or just the multiplayer save?

Both Multiplayer and Single Player saves use the same map. If you have a single player save, if you save on another island does the red square move or does it stay in the same position in the centre too?

When checking your multiplayer map, did you at any stage load a single player save before checking it?

Please also note that the save data is maintained on the host console and only the host can change the map, if you are not the host, the map will not change for you but the host should be able to see a difference.

Any extra details you can provide about your experience and your setup would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team to understand what is causing this issue.

If you have tried moving and saving on other save slots and maps, please let me know if this was successful for you or not.

Please also let me know what seed number you are using for your save.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have not started a Single Player Playthrough. Just the Multi-player. For anyone thought, the Host that I am playing with are experiencing the same Issue, we both traveled to a different Island, save then back out to main Menu went to the Cartography and still the host have the Red in the Middle just like me. I also believe we have the same Seed, so might be the same Map. Also is there anyway we could tell if we’re on the right Save and the Map is the right one for that save? Neither one of us has started a Single Player Playthrough.
Seed# 10322181

Hi Lukeassult,

I got in touch with the team about this, this is by design according to the team. Even though both save file types use the same map, the cartographer is only updated based on the player position in a Single Player save, it does not update for Multiplayer. I had not realised this myself and I am sorry for my own misunderstanding on how this works and for any confusion I may have caused.

I do understand however that this can make it difficult to navigate in multiplayer and also replace islands. I will be passing this feedback of how it both affects players and appears as an issue rather than by design due to this.

Again I am sorry for my own misunderstanding here.