Can't Select Ladder on top of Freighter

[PS4][all since available, currently 2033][Ladder Selection] Can’t Select Ladder to go down from crows nest on freighter

Ever since I have uploaded and started to play the game on PS4, I am not able to select the ladder from the crows nest when on the freighter. I climb to the top and search the locker, then when I try and go down the ladder, it will not allow me to select “climb” and I fall, causing my leg to break. The best way I have found to descend is to jump off and into the water. The fall in the water keeps the leg from breaking.

I am not sure

I have not added any islands, and have not changed the settings

Not sure why it doesn’t allow me to select climb from the top of the towers I have built in the game


Hi Vindicator78,

Again, thank you for using the bug reporting format and also for separating out your issues into separate reports - this is really appreciated!

This is one the team are aware of and while some issues with the interaction prompts for the ladder and going up it were fixed in the update to version 2009 it appears that the interaction prompt for going down fix did not take for most players.

The only workarounds I have heard of is the one you have found yourself - jumping into the water - or another player said what they try is jumping off or dropping down and trying grab the ladder as your character falls because interactions would appear for climbing up again, which you can then use to climb down. The second one is super risky, but if you get the timing right, might be quicker than jumping into water if you want to try it.

I know neither of these are ideal, but hopefully they continue to work out for you while the team work on resolving this issue.

Can confirm this bug is still active.

Bug still active, and I’ve found another workaround other than jumping on water: try to face the ladder as straight as you can, while positioning yourself as close to the center of the “opening hole”/mast pole as possible. This might trigger the interaction prompt to climb down. There’s a big risk of falling down while positioning close to the pole, but sometimes it’s easier than jumping to water (which can still break your leg if you hit any objects during the fall)

Thanks Lothaer - Sorry I missed your original addition to this post!

And thank you MestreLion for confirming and sharing a workaround. I shall create a Known Issues post for this and add your workaround to it :+1:

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