Cant pick up wooden crates

On Ps4, after opening a crate and checking contents, the game bugs and doesn’t let the player pick the crates up. the work around i found is to save and fully exit out, and reload. it seems to fix the issue temporarily, and tends to happen within the next 5 minutes.

This issue does not persist on the xbox console. so i assume it’s a ps4 issue.


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Can you confirm for me if this is occuring for you in version 2116, the most recent update which was released yesterday? 2116 should appear in the bottom left of the main menu if you are up to date.

Version 2116 contained a fix for this issue when players could not pick up crates after interacting with a vehicle. Can you confirm for me if this is what is happening in your save? Would you typically be unable to pick up crates after operating a raft or gyro?

If you have updated to version 2116, please try clearing the cache of your console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting to see if that helps.

Thank you.

It has been fixed on Xbox confirmed

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I can confirm this is an issue on PS4 version 2116. And that saving, exiting and reloading fixes it temporarily.

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Thank you for confirming teknokraze, I’ll pass your confirmation onto the team.

Followup questions from the team @SEALEDDEVIL and @teknokraze:

As mentioned above, the original cause of this problem, was related to players interacting with a vehicle which the team have tested and should be resolved. However they wish to inevestigate potential other causes following your reports.

Can you confirm for me the following:

  • When this issue occurs, is it after some time in gameplay, or can it occur from the start of a gameplay session?
  • Has it occured for all crates in game, or specific crates such as newly discovered ones or crates already on your island or crates that came from / are on a custom island?
  • If the issue does not occur at the start of a gameplay session, do you recall what you were doing before you noticed the issue occuring?

Any additional information you can provide about this issue occuring in your game would be greatly appreciated as the team wish to investigate any potential triggers that may have been hidden behind the tigger that was fixed in the update to 2116

Thank you