Can't connect to server

i was playing on an online server with my friend and everything was going well, suddenly I can’t create any online server anymore and I can’t play online i have tried so many things deleting the game and reinstalling it changing the wifi connection to wired connection but it seems that nothing works except that i tried with my mobile hotspot and it worked well so i need help to play online again with my friend while connecting to my wifi connection without the need of using the mobile hotspot internet. the game is up to date. version 2083.

Hi secret777, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced issues with connecting to servers for online gameplay. Can you confirm for me if this issue occurred the same day you reported it or if it happened a few days beforehand? I have a similar report from another player and it may indicate issues with the servers themselves rather than the game.

Thank you for letting me know you were able to workaround the issue with your mobile hotspot. I know this is not an ideal way to maintain connection for the game but this information can be very important for the team to know when investigating.

Can you confirm for me if this issue is persisting for you? If so, please let me know…

  • Are you playing on PlayStation or XBox?

  • What region you are connecting to, and if you have tried other regions or “auto” as a workaround?

  • What is the NAT type connection on your console (this is in the network settings of the console itself)

  • You mentioned creating / hosting a save, if your friend hosts, are you able to connect or does the issue occur for both of you until you use your hotspot to host a game?

  • Are you and your friend in the same household / on the same connection or in separate households?

Any extra information you can provide about your game and connection setup would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

the issue has been the same since 2 weeks ago, i am playing on ps5 and i tried every server and the auto setting,my Nat type is type 2, i can’t join or host a lobby i can’t connect to any online server, my friend isn’t in the same house as me but he lives in the same area.

Hi secret777,

I am sorry to hear that the issue has persisted for you when trying to connect to or host a game. Thank you for confirming your NAT type and which servers you’ve tried. I have some more questions below if you wouldn’t mind answering as they’ll help me to rule out other areas for the team.

  • After deleting and reinstalling the game, have you tried clearing the cache of the console? This can be done by shutting down and unplugging the console for 2-5 minutes.

  • Have you tried alternative save slots?

  • Has anything changed with your internet provider recently, from a new service to a router being updated? While I do not believe the fault could be with the connection, there could be something that is resulting in the game being able to make its own connection properly.

  • Can you confirm for me what your default region would be?

  • Are you and your friend using the same service provider?

  • Is your friend able to join games or host them without issue?

  • Please also confirm for me if your friend is using a PS5 or PS4 to play Stranded Deep.

  • Are any other games that use PSplus having issues with multiplayer / is your PSplus up to date? Please also let me know if you downloaded Stranded Deep via the store or as part of PSplus / PSNow (the download type shouldn’t cause any issues as it’s all the same files, but it’s good for the team to know, just in case)

  • Is your console fully up to date?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions so far. Any other information you can give me would be of great help and I will add it to my report for the team.

yes i have tried resetting my console to the factory settings but it didn’t work, yes i have tried different save slots but nothing worked,no my internet provider has been the same for awhile and everything is stable,my default region is europe, my friend is using a different Internet provider and he uses ps5 also like me,he can hosts and join any online server, all the online games i play work properly and very good and my console is up to date i also downloaded it via the ps plus

Hi secret777, thank you for answering my additional questions. Unfortunately I do not have any additional workarounds I can suggest at this time. I will submit a new report to the team with all of the information you have submitted thus far and if the team has any further suggestions or questions I will post them here.

If you notice anything else about your setup, anything else that may have changed prior to this issue occuring or if you are able to successfully make a connection at any stage with your standard connection. Please let me know.

If you are happy to share your service provider or more details about your connection - this may be useful to the team in the long run - if you’d prefer to DM me rather than adding it to the thread, that’s no issue and completely understandable.

thanks for your help this far, i really hope the team find any solution to my problem

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You’re very welcome secret777.

I have one additional question for the team regarding your connection. When you’re using your mobile hotspot, does your NAT type change at all?

no it doesn’t change still Nat type 2

now it doesn’t even work with the mobile hotspot

Thank you confirming there was no NAT type change when using the hotspot. And while I know it was not an Ideal workaround, I’m sorry to hear you can no longer connect via hotspot either. I’ll update the report to let the team know.

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any updates on my problem yet??

Hi secret777,

I do not have an update on the report I submitted regarding your issue. Please bear with me while I reach out to a team member to see if I can get one. As the team is very busy, it may take some time for me to receive a response.

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Hi again secret777,

I spoke to a member of the team and they were wondering if you’d be willing to try changing to NAT type 1 in order to rule out any network issues. There are pros and cons to switching to NAT type 1 and I would encourage you to do your own research before deciding to do so.

An article like this one may be of some help: and you may wish to contact your service provider directly to ask them about it.

Also, as your hotspot also stopped working, the team were wondering if the service provider for both your home network and mobile data is the same provider or would they be separate?

so the only solution to fix the problem is to change my Nat type to Nat type 1? My mobile hotspot is not the same provider as the home internet

Hi secret777,

It may not be the only solution, however it may help the team to rule out network issues vs in-game issues. If this is not something you wish to try, I completely understand.

Thank you for confirming your hotspot is not the same provider. I will inform the team.

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any updates on my problem?

Hi secret777,

I am sorry I have not seen any further suggestions or updates to the report from the team at this time.

However there has been another player that reported similar issues so hopefully their details on their connection issues may also help the team in their investigation as to what could be cause of this issue.

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it has been over a month now and i got no solution for my problem i think that all the hours i spent in this game has gone in vain

Hi secret777,

I am sorry there have not been any more suggestions that I could provide. Though the dev team will continue to look into connection and disconnect issues that affect players, I know they have made some progress in their investigations into the causes of some of these issues lately. However, there is a chance in some cases it could be an issue occurring outside of the game.

When the team releases an update, and should that update contain fixes that address connection or disconnect issues, it will be noted in an announcement about the update in the Console News and Announcements section of the forums.